And surely We have truly provided you seven of the reiterations, and the Grand Quran. - Surat Al-Hijr (v. 87)

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Translation Notes: Page 1 - About This Translation

بِـسْـمِ اللهِ الرَّحـْمـنِ الرَّحِـيـمِ
In the Name of Allah, The All Merciful, The Most Merciful

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About This Translation

The first question many people ask is, "Why do another English translation of the Quran when there are so many out there already?"  Our answer is that, while there are many out there, none we have found focuses solely on literal translation.  Rather, their focus is mainly on translation that incorporates the explanation and interpretation of what each verse means.  Some translators have based this interpretation on pre-existing Tafseer (interpretation) books, and others are based oncycling clothing what the translator himself has understood the meaning to be.  And while it is not humanly possible to completely eliminate the subjective element of understanding, especially with something as profound as the Quran, it is our goal to leave as much of the ambiguity and specificity of the wording intact.

Some wording in the Quran is in fact quite ambiguous, sometimes to the point that the great scholars who cheap nikewrote the interpretation books are uncertain about something as simple as who the word "he" refers to in a given verse.  For example in Surat Al-Israa' (Chapter 17) verse 33:  "And kill not the soul that Allah sanctified, except with the right.  And whoever is killed, oppressed, then We have made for his trustee authority so he exceeds not in the killing; assuredly he is ever made victorious."  In this verse it is equally possible, grammatically and contextually, that "he" refers to the victim or his trustee, and is so noted by cheap golf clubs scholars in many Tafseer books.  By translating only the actual wording, the ambiguity in this verse is naturally preserved.  To see how this verse changes when incorporating interpretation into the translation of this verse click here.  

Note how all fourteen translations cited have worded the translation in a way that puts emphasis on either the one who is killed or his trustee, eliminating the ambiguity that is present in the original Arabic.  The choice of words like helped, supported and assisted makes the meaning point to the victim's trustee (or heir, defender, or next-of-kin in some translations) and some translations explicitly incorporate it.  Mohammed Asad specifies the other meaning, pointing out that "he" refers to the victim himself. 

It is worth noting that most interpretation of the Qur'an (over 90%) is not based on specific interpretation by the Replica Rolex Prophet Muhammad, Sallalahu-Aleihi-waSallam.  Rather, these explanations are referred to various companions and scholars from the Prophet's days to the present time.  It is logical that the Prophet did not give a full explanation of the Qur'an since many of the ayat (verses) have a multitude of meanings and dimensions that transcend time and place.  Any extensive explanation of the Quran by the Prophet would have caused those ayat, and the book as a whole, to lose its profoundness and it would then have one, and only one, meaning.  

While it is impossible to capture the full beauty and profoundness of the Quran in any language other than the original Arabic as iPhone 4 Case revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (Sallalahu-Aleihi-waSallam), it is possible for the English reader to sample a flavor of it.  We believe, as many others do, that to experience the real joy of reading the Quran it is necessary to learn Arabic.  However, for those who are still "waiting" to learn, a linguistically accurate translation is the next best thing.  

We are committed to keeping this translation as close to the Arabic as possible by simply choosing the English word that best communicates as many meanings of the Arabic word  as possible without allowing Quranic interpretation to color our choice of words.  In order to preserve some of the profoundness and pictorial nature of the Quran in its original Arabic, it is imperative for each word in the translation to correspond as closely as possible to the full meaning of the original Arabic word.  In a way, direct translation as opposed to interpretive translation is like a photograph of a beautiful tree versus a painting of that replica watches china same tree.  While a photograph loses the sensual and three dimensional quality that makes the original what it is, it preserves more of the actual features than a painting rendered through the "eyes" and interpretation of any artist.  

We are aware that finding the right word is easier said than done.  A case in point is the "edits" page that we have for each surah.  At the time of the original publishing (when the edits page was still empty), we thought that we had found the best English equivalent.  Obviously, through the Grace of Allah, we discovered in many instances that there were better words available Tissot to us.  It is our belief that we should be able to explain the use of any given word, or we should change it.  We invite and appreciate all comments and criticisms regarding this translation as it only causes us to do better. 

In one final note, it is worth mentioning that so strongly do we believe in the concept of literal translation that in many instances we have chosen to override the normal English sentence structure in an attempt 3gs iphone to preserve the graphical and direct nature of the Quranic Arabic.  While Golf Clubs at times this may result in the reader having to take a second look at the verse to grasp its meaning, in our estimation, it more often bike jerseys than not imparts a taste that would not be possible otherwise.

Translation Notes: Page 2  - Translation Method

Translation Notes: Page 3  - Specific Examples

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