And surely We have truly provided you seven of the reiterations, and the Grand Quran. - Surat Al-Hijr (v. 87)

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Translation Notes: Page 2 - Translation Method

Translation Method

For those readers who wish to better understand how we choose certain words over others we have detailed our method which we hope may also encourage others to contribute to this translation effort.

The most effective method we have found is to do a quick initial translation followed by a more detailed review. This works well as it gets easier words translated and reveals more difficult ones that need work. It also Replica Rolex helps on those days where it is likely that translation would be skipped completely if it were necessary to open the dictionaries and Quranic reference books etc. Sometimes this process is done with just a few ayat at a time, but on a shorter surah we may do the entire thing before the detailed review. 

For those words not easily translated on the initial pass, we try to find an English word similar enough to be a starting point for our search. In most cases we use either an Arabic-English dictionary or other translations for suggestions. While it may seem that looking any word up in a dictionary should be sufficient, often times the author of a dictionary is looking to give the reader a general sense of the word as opposed to finding a iphone case word that corresponds exactly. 

Whenever possible we strive to find an English word that corresponds not only in meaning to the Arabic but from the word root as well. In order to do this we revert each word to its Arabic root by checking an Arabic-only dictionary and begin our search in an English thesaurus using the word that we pulled from the Arabic-English dictionary. When we believe that we have found a good match, we then go to the English dictionary and find out exactly what the meaning is and if possible what the root is. An ideal result is a word that corresponds to the meaning of the word in different contexts, the root, as well as common usage of the word. 

When we believe that we have found a suitable word bike jerseys it is then reviewed for context in the particular Ayah, as well as all other occurrences of the word in the whole Qur'an (using a copy of the indexed Qur'an). We can then see where and how that root word is used and whether the cycle clothing ???? English word chosen can support those occurrences, possibly in more than one context. If not, we try Hermes Handbags with another synonym that may be better suited to cover all the aspects of the Arabic word. 

There are times where there just isn't one English word that can cover all the meanings of a given Arabic word. In this case, we find the word most suited to the context Golf Clubs of the given ayah we are working on and are forced to use another word for occurrences in other contexts. bike jerseys Again, in an ideal situation it is possible for all derivatives of a given Arabic root word correspond to derivatives of a given English root word. 

As a final (or sometimes intermediary) step in many cases, we cross check the word chosen against Quranic textbooks and references, Tafseer (interpretation) books, and vocabulary meanings. We also cross check against a variety Louis Vuitton Bags Tissot of different English translations. While we do look at various Qur'an interpretations for guidance in particularly difficult cases, we make all effort NOT to factor it into the actual translation of the word itself and do our best to leave a reference that is ambiguous in Arabic equally ambiguous in English. 

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